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What We Do

Specializing in hunter-jumper lessons and training, Desert Meadow Stables has been working with riders and horses in the Las Cruces area for ten years. Our students occupy a variety of skill levels, from beginners learning the basics of horse grooming and handling to advanced students planning their own equine careers.

We also work with horses from an array of backgrounds, including former ranch horses, retired polo competitors, and ex-racehorses. We take pride in maintaining the flexibility and open minds that give us the opportunity to work with diverse partners, human and equine.

How We Work
Our philosophy of working with horses and riders is always evolving. Our work is grounded in respect for our horses and riders. No single program of training is effective for everyone. We take care to maintain flexibility that accords each horse and rider the personal consideration they deserve. We emphasize relationships between horses and riders in which each has important contributions to make to the partnership. We strive to create environments in which horses and riders are set up to succeed.